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Real comfort is not just the way a piece feels when you use it but also how the piece makes you feel. Texture, touch, color and pattern are key in creating truly amazing bed room furniture and we want you to love your look. Order 8 free swatches to feel the texture, touch and color.
  • Almond Coniston
  • Mink Coniston
  • Blue Coniston
  • Armour Coniston
  • Pink Coniston
  • Black Crushed Velvet
  • Cream Crushed Velvet
  • Grey Crushed Velvet
  • Graphite Linen
  • Black Naples
  • Mink Naples
  • Purple Naples
  • Sand Naples
  • Seal Naples
  • Slate Soft Naple Velvet
  • Silver Naples
  • Cream Naples
  • White Plush
  • Cream Plush
  • Pink Plush
  • Black Plush
  • Grey Plush
  • Mink Plush
  • Silver Plush
  • Steel Plush
  • Blue Plush Velvet
  • Mustard Plush Velvet
  • Turquoise Plush Velvet
  • Duck Egg Plush
  • Stone Suede
  • White Suede
  • Grey Suede
  • Cream Chenille
  • Caramel Chenille
  • Grey Chenille
  • Mink Chenille
  • Charcoal Chenille
  • Black Chenille
  • Silver Lenoso
  • Black Lenoso

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